Wednesday 21 October, 2020

10 best pieces of news in Cayman during the COVID-19 crisis

Today Loop received a comment from a highly valued reader stating: “There’s rarely any talk or posts of the number of recoveries, only of how many more cases. How about this positive spin on things.... of our local cases we have ZERO deaths! Ain’t that a wonderful number?”

Loop completely agrees and in honour of this comment and in acknowledgement of how lucky we have been in Cayman, here are some amazing pieces of positive news that we are lucky enough to receive every day in Cayman.

  1. There have been no local deaths of COVID-19 and none of the cases, after our first tragic death, have been critical. Many locals who tested positive are doing much better or are asymptomatic.
  2. There are not yet any signs of widespread community transmission of COVID-19. Most cases have either been connected to previous positives and travel.
  3. We have both the financial means and the small population size to test a significant proportion of the population if we need to, especially with an incoming shipment from South Korea of 200,000 tests.
  4. Our government behaved in one of the most proactive ways documented, before COVID-19 reached Cayman, and released regulations 10 days before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic.
  5. Our government has placed people before politics and money, and is communicating the circumstances in Cayman in a clear and transparent fashion.
  6. Social services have been extended to those who are in need of support. This includes to Caymanians, non-Caymanians, parents and small and micro-businesses.
  7. There have been very few policing issues in the three islands since the implementation of restrictions and curfews.
  8. There have been good supplies in the supermarkets and no food shortages to date.
  9. If everyone stays home and community transmission can be curtailed and contained, although the borders will continue to be closed for a while, on-island commercial activity will be able to resume.
  10. There is strong collaboration between the public and private sectors. Banks have provided mortgage holidays, gas stations have reduced the price of fuel, hotels have provided isolation accommodation, etc. Caymanians continue to practice Caymankind.

We are a blessed people! We are #caymanstrong!

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