Friday 25 September, 2020

10 COVID-19 miracles that we experienced in Cayman this week

The Cayman Islands has been recognized by much of the world as a coronavirus suppression success story. We should all feel blessed that we live here. With 193 cases, most of which are fully recovered, we can breathe a sigh of relief as we move to suppression level 2.

Here are ten reasons why this week has been especially positive:

1. Since beginning its programme of mass testing, Wednesday and Thursday were the first two back-to-back days of all negative tests, among 1,116 tests run during the two day period.

2. Cayman's positive test rate is now at less than 1 per cent. With 193 positive tests and 19,336 tests run to date, the positive testing rate is 0.99 per cent.

3. We have tested a third of the population in Grand Cayman, more than half of the population in Cayman Brac and the entire population of Little Cayman.

4. Of 193 positive cases, only 2 are symptomatic.

5. 73 per cent of all positive cases that have been confirmed have been completely cleared of the virus; 141 cases out of the 193 are fully recovered. (An individual is considered recovered once they have tested negative for the COVID-19 virus in two tests done at least 24 hours apart 14 days after their positive test, or after their symptoms have gone away, whichever is longer.)

6. A new drug determined to be highly effective in treating persons with severe COVID-19 is a cheap steroid that is in common use already for other medical conditions. This drug is available locally.

7. No clusters causing infections have been detected in the CI community. (A coronavirus cluster occurs when there is a concentration of infections in the same area at the same time.) 

8. HSA is starting immunoglobulin testing this week. This blood test looks for antibodies to see if a person has already had the virus and might now have some immunity.

9. No locally residing Caymanians have died from COVID-19.

10. Cayman has made it to the other side of the tunnel, at least for now, and hopefully for always. On Sunday, with the shift to suppression level 2, Caymanians can once again begin to live in a state of normalcy or a new type of normalcy.

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