Monday 3 August, 2020

10 fun things you can enjoy doing today now that more bans are lifted

Today marks the beginning of phase 2 of suppression level 2 and it just feels like, since coronavirus restrictions were put in place in March, we are finally getting our lives back.

Here are some fun things that you can do today that you couldn't do for months... things we are sure you once took for granted...

1. Go and see a movie!

There are quite a few kids shows on at the Camana Bay Cinema: Onward, Lion King and Call of the Wild. If you feel like seeing something more adult, Bloodshot is on. The Cinema is employing a system of reserved seating to keep people socially distanced. For showtimes click here.

2. Take an indoor yoga class!

While many yoga studios are opening on Tuesday, some, like Bliss Yoga classes are on today. Take a look at their schedule

3. Lift some weights, take a run on a treadmill!

You can use your strata gym or attend a public gym. Note that social distancing is in effect and that gyms are required to cap off the number of people allowed entry. Some, like Anytime Fitness in Camana Bay are actually taking reservations to control the number of people entering the gym.

4. Plan a staycation on the Sister Islands!

What better way to get a change of scenery than to visit Cayman Brac or Little Cayman? 

Just remember to notify the Medical Officer of Health of the proposed travel and be tested for the virus before you travel. 

5. Go for a spa day!

Spas have been open for the past week and many are offering some amazing packages.

6. Grab a meal- indoors!

That's right readers, as of today you can eat inside of a restaurant! The only stipulation is that if you aren't from the same household, then you should sit 3-feet apart from others in your party.

7. Find a great summer camp for your kids

There are quite a few offerings available with sporty offerings for those kids who have been cooped indoors for months.

8. Have a picnic on the beach!

Pack a meal for your family and an go and have a seat on the beach and enjoy it. It's been so long since we could enjoy this basic pleasure.

9. Take a private sail.

We recommend North Sound charters. Paul will take you and your family out on the water for a few hours where you can enjoy a snorkel (bring your own equipment) and see the island from a different vantage point. The sandbar is set to open on July 19 which will make this family experience even more pleasurable.

10. Rent a beachside villa or take a staycation

Go to a side of the island you don't typically visit and feel like you've gotten away!


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