Wednesday 25 November, 2020

The 2020 Mentoring Cayman class gathers for its annual luncheon

The 2020 Mentoring Cayman class recently gathered for its annual luncheon at the Wharf Restaurant.
Mentoring Cayman, introduced by the Chamber of Commerce in 2002 in partnership with the Ministry of Education, is a six-month long programme that pairs high-achieving year 10 and 11 students from the public and private schools with an influential and motivated mentor from the business community or government. Over 800 students have benefited, acquiring new personal and professional skills since the launch of the programme.

Young Caymanian Leadership Award finalist, Samuel Young delivered an inspiring keynote address on “The value of mentorship” at the luncheon which took place on March 3.

“There is no way that I could be as successful as I am and as diligent on my path as I am, had it not been for mentorship,” said Mr. Young.

“Mentorship is one of the greatest benefits that you can have on your quest to academic and career success. The benefits and the wisdom that you gain can outweigh any classroom lesson, any natural ability, and any ounce of sheer luck that you may have. Mentorship sets you up for life.”

Samuel used the analogy of planting seeds to explain how mentorship is supposed to be a domino effect. “We have to allow seeds to be planted, so that we can be the planters when it’s our time.” He expressed how his father’s passion and diligence for training in the weight room ‘mentored me when he didn’t even know it.’ “It made me believe and see that hard work was necessary, but that any goal was attainable… this led me down a path of implementing effective planning for the career in health and fitness that I desired,” he added. 
In closing, Mr. Young stressed that collaboration is key and that both parties should be rewarded in the mentoring process. He encouraged mentees to offer sincerity and dedication to their mentors, so they may be guided towards the path they’re destined to take.

“Allow this experience and these connections to pour into you, so that you will be able to pour into someone else one day.”

Mentees have attended three workplace visits thus far, which has involved full days of interaction with their mentors, learning about their day-to-day operations, receiving guidance about career choices and getting to know each other on a personal level.

The luncheon gave mentees the opportunity to socialize and discuss their experiences of the programme and to catch up with their respective mentors. Mentors were also able to meet each other and share experiences about their mentoring relationships.

Ms. Barbara Conolly, Councillor for Education addressed the class on behalf of the Ministry of Education and expressed their continued support of the programme.
For the remainder of the programme, students will attend an Educational & Careers Expo, a social activity and a final workplace visit. Students and mentors will then be recognized at the closing reception to be held at the Governor’s residence.

The Chamber would like to thank Mr. Young for delivering the keynote address and inspiring the mentees and mentors with his powerful message. The Chamber would also like to thank the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture & Lands for supporting the programme as well the following corporate sponsors: Cayman Water, Cox Lumber Ltd., Knighthead Annuity & Life Assurance Company, and Rocky’s Diamond Gallery. Special thanks to the Wharf for allowing the Chamber host its annual Mentoring Cayman luncheon at their restaurant.

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