Monday 27 January, 2020

5 facts about the Cayman Islands Constitution

Each year we celebrate National Heroes Day on the fourth Monday in January. Unlike other Caribbean National Heroes Days, we celebrate different people each year. 

The granting of the Constitution will be this year’s theme.

Throughout the month of January, and culminating on National Heroes Day on January 27, Loop will be focusing on some local heroes - both constitution-related and not - as well as topics around our constitution.

But before we begin… how much do you know about Cayman’s constitution?

Here are five facts about the Cayman Constitution.

  1. The Constitution came into effect on November 6, 2009.
  2. The day the Cayman Islands Constitution Order came into effect, McKeeva Bush was sworn in on the steps of the Legislative Assembly as Cayman Islands’ first premier.
  3. The Constitution was amended by "The Cayman Islands Constitution (Amendment) Order 2016."
  4. The Constitution consists of nine parts and 125 sections.
  5. The rules of the Constitution define the legitimate limits of the powers of the Cayman Islands Government.

You can access “An Educational Guide to the Cayman Islands Constitution” by clicking here. 

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