Monday 23 November, 2020

6 Things you hate about customs/immigration forms

Moving towards the kiosks and away from the traditional paper customs/immigration forms has positives.

Here are some of the reasons why travelers, especially frequent travelers, will love this new direction Barbados is going in soon.

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1. Saves trees

Less forms mean less paper and more eco-friendly. Even if the kiosks print a receipt it’s not going to be the same thick quality as the forms so a tree or two will still be saved.

2. Limited space

Everyone doesn’t have a cute short eight-letter name like John Cane. Sometimes you need more space on the forms and that’s it. But with the computer you can shine and not be insecurely writing small and squished to fit everything on the one line with 10 spaces provided.

3. Clearer instruction

On the forms making errors was too easy because sometimes the information needed is to be placed under the word not on top and then just like that you’ve gone and used the wrong space. “Excuse me flight attendant, could I have another form please?”

4. Lost info

It’s not funny how easy you could lose the immigration form with such critical info on it. But many a times you have it in the passport, reach in the overhead, walk off the plane and go through the customs line only to get to the officer and be like “I just had that form... ugh!”

5. Como se dice accommodations in Spanish?

The forms were not bilingual nor trilingual and with passengers from Europe, South America and Haiti, Barbados was soon going to be needing more forms in French and Spanish. But with the kiosks, selecting more language options should be a breeze and a plus for our tourism product. 

6. Signatures

Forgetting to sign the back of the form was always an issue. That is gone now. You can’t walk away from the kiosks till you’re completely done.

Bye bye customs/immigration forms!

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