Monday 26 October, 2020

All you need to know on the monitoring device for October travellers

Travellers who enter the Cayman Islands as of October 1 will be required to wear the iMSafe geofencing and monitoring device for the duration of an initial 14-day quarantine in the Cayman Islands. The use of this device will replace the mandatory quarantine which costs thousands of dollars.

These devices are currently being tested on travellers who arrived on yesterday's BA flight into the Cayman Islands, as part of the testing programme.

Tracking bracelets named will be issued to travellers at the airport before they undergo quarantine, alerting authorities when the device is taken off or if wearers break their COVID-19 quarantine. This will be monitored on a dashboard. There will be a charge of $150-200 assessed by the Cayman Islands Government for this service.

The iMSafe wristband enables authorities to remotely monitor and locate people who are placed under quarantine in real-time. Equipped with a Bluetooth chip locator and a customised QR code, the bracelet requires wearers to turn on their Bluetooth device on an Android mobile phone before it can be activated.

While you are wearing the monitoring technology, the Cayman Islands Government will only process the minimum amount of personal data necessary to monitor and support visitors during the period of quarantine. A range of technical and organisational security measures have been put in place to protect personal data from unauthorised access. This includes protecting identity and only allowing an authorised person to access name and contact details of the visitor if this is required to follow up on a credible alert.

The iMSafe wristband communicates via bluetooth to a custom mobile app on a smart phone and creates a virtual perimeter around the quarantine location.

An alert will be sent to the monitoring team if anyone wearing a monitoring device goes beyond the boundaries of their quarantine location, tampers with or damages the device, or if the smart wristband stops communicating with the visitor's phone, or the phone with the servers.

All major grocery stores plus a wide variety of restaurants offer delivery services. 

Those wearing the device are not permitted to have direct contact with any individual during the period of isolation. Groceries must be ordered online.

Once a negative test result has been confirmed by Public Health on day 15 of quarantine the traveller is free to go out into the community and continue life as normal.

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