Thursday 24 September, 2020

Antibody tests reveal that at least 13 who were never tested had COVID

The Cayman Islands has now screened 1461 people for COVID-19 antibodies. This is 2.2  per cent of the population.

Half of the antibody tests were conducted at Health City Cayman Islands and the other half were conducted at the Health Services Authority.

The results are as follows:

49 have been found to be positive for COVID-19 antibodies

36 of these were known to be PCR positive for COVID-19 prior to being screened

6 of the positives were contacts (spouses, children, etc.) of those who had registered as positive for COVID-19 when tested

7 of the positives had no relevant history

This means that 13 of the positives had been carriers of the virus at one point but were not tested or did not register a positive test at the time that the test was taken.

Those who have been screened for antibodies are not truly representative of the population. Fifty per cent were healthcare workers and the other fifty per cent were largely from the community, among those who had previously tested positive or their contacts, and first responders.

"I don't really feel that the antibody testing is revealing that much information," said Cayman's Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Lee. Dr Lee indicated that the health authorities are not yet sure how to use the information being provided by the antibody tests.

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