Wednesday 19 June, 2019

Bodden Town man charged as over 40 injured roosters seized

A 50-year-old  Bodden Town man was arrested on suspicion of cruelty to animals after several injured roosters and chickens were found in his possession on Wednesday.

The arrest came as the Community Policing Department carried out a search of an address in the North Sound Estate Area with assistance from the Department of Agriculture (DoA).

During the search over forty roosters were found.

The roosters had all sustained various injuries, which a veterinary officer determined were caused by acts of cruelty by the owner.

Officers conducted further searches, and a large quantity of artificial spurs, along with prohibited biomedical drugs and other implements were found and seized.

Officers also recovered over forty other chickens of varying ages.

Due to the types of injuries the roosters and chickens had sustained, and the artificial spurs and implements that were found on the property, officers had cause to suspect the birds had been used for cock fighting.

 “Offenses such as cock fighting and other activities, including, illegal gambling often lead to other, more serious crimes, such as robbery and even murder,” said Superintendent Robert Graham.

“One of the major goals of the Community Policing Department is to put a stop to these kinds of activities before they have a chance to take root and escalate. As such our Community Officers will continue to proactively target all forms of illegal gambling,” added Superintendent Robert Graham.

“Activities such as cock fighting are not only illegal, but also subject animals to inhumane conditions and cruelty,” said Adrian Estwick, Director of the Department of Agriculture.

“We are committed to combatting such activities while partnering with other agencies such as the RCIPS, and encourage the public not to support these activities either” Estwick added.

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