Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Botanical Roots: Why you should consume mint

Mint tea stock photo. (Photo: iStock)

Mint tea stock photo. (Photo: iStock)

The mint plant is one of the most popular herbs and most developed in the world. It comes in some 25 species and is grown in most tropical countries with minimum care needed.

The plant is commonly consumed as tea and is also used in smoothies, salads, sauce and soups.

It is a great healer and is known to have a variety of uses in making for healthier living for those who ingest it regularly.

Mint is very good for easing muscle aches due to the antispasmodic content in it. This substance works very well  to loosen muscles which are tensed.

Fresh mint flavour makes it ideal to relieve bad breath. Mint tea made from fresh mint leaves or dried effectively gets rid of bacteria that causes bad breath. Mint will also keep the mouth moist by stimulating saliva production.

The ingestion of mint also serves to increase one’s appetite and the plant is also able to relieve heartburn, increasing the flow of digestive fluids through the digestive system.

It is also good in defeating nasal congestion. Plant mint contains menthol, ingredients commonly used in commercial drugs sold to combat the flu. The smells of menthol can help open the respiratory tract because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. The antibacterial properties of mint leaves also help treat infections due to bacterial attack. 

Mint leaves are also good to combat nausea and indigestion. It has the potential to aid the digestive system and relieve stomach cramps. Mint has a mild anesthetic effect so as to relieve pain in the stomach and menstrual cramps.

Consuming mint is also helpful in overcoming fever, and providing a sense of cold, refreshing feeling to the body.

Antioxidants in mint leaves are useful to combat free radicals linked to a number of diseases, one of which is cancer. The plant is also rich in vitamin A and beta carotene which is very good for maintaining eye health.

Drinking mint tea also helps to reduce stress and improve the immune system. It is also good to counteract itching in the throat and overcoming allergies.

It also promotes and maintains healthy skin, weight loss and is good for preventing cracked nipples in lactating mothers.

So your mother or grandmother knew what they were doing when they gave you mint tea in the mornings.

Don’t break the cycle. Consume mint, it is good for you.

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