Tuesday 25 September, 2018

Bush pays homage to late Merren at annual prayer breakfast

Speaking at the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday, McKeeva Bush paid homage to the late Dr. Edlin Merren.

Merren, who was dentist by profession, was remembered by Bush at the event, as someone who was instrumental in getting the tradition of the parliamentary prayer breakfast started in the Cayman Islands in the early 1990s.

 Emceed by Councillor in the Ministry of Human Resources, Immigration and Community Affairs, Austin Harris, the event saw Rico Orrett-Ebanks leading with the National Anthem, followed by the National Song.

Scripture readers were by Premier,Alden McLaughlin and former Speakers,  Mary Lawrence, and Linford Pierson.

 Guest speaker at the event, Rev. Yvette Noble-Bloomfield, who was introduced by MLA,Kenneth Bryan, electrified the gathering with her powerful, thought-provoking speech.

Noble-Bloomfield began her speech noting, “This nation is poised for great things and the time is now to excel under God.”

She urged all in the community to become stewards of their time and their God-given lives, she advised people to spend their time usefully on personal spiritual reflection, on ethical behaviour and actions; as well as maturing emotionally and maintaining personal self-discipline.

Other pastors including, John Kim Evans, Garett Haylock, Shian O’Conner Alson Ebanks, Neriah LeBlanc and Pastor James Arch also shared prayers at the event, which were focused on the Cayman Islands and its people.

The event was held at the Kimpton Seafire Resort.