Sunday 5 July, 2020

Byrne: 592 breaches of curfew reported

Police Commissioner, Derek Byrne has provided an update of policing issues over the past fortnight in the Cayman Islands.

There have been gang tensions emerging the West Bay policing district, with a gang-related shooting last night and a serious hand injury caused by a machete this morning. The individual's hand was almost fully severed. There are expected to be two arrests in relation to this incident. There will be a heightened police presence in West Bay for the foreseeable future.

There have also been a small number of burglaries although these have significantly reduced over the past 6-weeks, with the hard curfew.

Speeding has also been raised as a major issue with more cars on the road.

Most of the policing issues have been around curfew violations. These are as follows:

As of 6 am this morning, there have been 481 warnings for prosecution in the Cayman Islands. This includes 298 breaches of hard curfew and 184 breaches of soft curfew.

Between April 15-23, 110 tickets were issued.

In the past week, there were 34 incidents resulting in 63 individuals receiving warnings. 

This brings the total to 592 breaches of curfew. This includes some tickets that have not been included in the numbers.

Some of the incidents have included water-related incidents including snorkelling and there have also been incidents of individuals running businesses against shelter in place requirements.

The police commissioner indicated that as a result of these infractions, there would be heavier policing. Employers not following shelter in place requirements could be prosecuted. 

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