Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Cayman on 24-hr lockdown from tonight, amidst new COVID-19 cases

Cayman will be on 24-hour lockdown from tonight as it was confirmed there are currently eight positive COVID-19 tests on the islands, one pending further investigation (from HSA).

This growth in cases has resulted in a heightened lockdown to prevent community transmission.

The enhanced lockdown as mandated by government is as follows: starting from 7 pm March 25 the country will go into 24-hour curfew until Saturday. 

The following services, deemed as essential, will not be held under these tight restrictions: Police, security, 9-1-1, Customs and Border Control, DEH, Island Waste Carriers, Health City, HSA, doctors' offices, DEH, MRCU, The Department of Children & Family Services, Weather Service, CAA, Island Paving, CAA, NAOC, the Premier’s office staff, Attorney General’s Chambers, utilities & infrastructure, Port Authority, Water Authority, food & medical distributors, transportation and shipping, food vendors, delivery of food and medical supplies, communications companies (list provided) and a number of NGOs, emergency veterinary services, those who care for animals in captivity, press and other media, and those who care for the elderly, among others.

These are listed on

This will be re-evaluated on Saturday at 5 am when the 24-hour curfew comes to an end. Compliance will be enforced by uniformed patrols. One person was arrested last night for non-compliance. The penalty is $3,000 or a year in prison or both.

The purpose of the lockdown is to reduce the opportunity for community transmission.

So far, the one pending case at HSA is the only local case with no travel history.

There have been 118 negative tests.

All of the confirmed cases are somehow related to travel incidents. This is with the exception of the pending case from the Health Services Authority.

The first 20 samples that were sent from the lab at the HSA were sent to CARPHA. Of these, 19 were found to be negative. The test that CARPHA returned as positive originally screened as negative locally, but the confirmatory test returned as negative.

The screening test is far more sensitive than the confirmatory test. All positive screening tests will be sent to CARPHA and one in 10 negative tests will be sent to CARPHA.

Some 114 of the negative tests originate from HSA. Two of the positives originate from the HSA.

There are currently 150 testing kits remaining and medical authorities are awaiting more resources.

“We have been agonizing over this like you wouldn’t believe,” said the premier.

“This is our moment of maximum danger,” said Governor Roper.

Contact the ministry of international trade at if you believe you need to be on the list of essential services.

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