Thursday 6 August, 2020

Cayman: 4 more COVID-19 Cases; 70 in total

There are four positive COVID-19 results that have been returned today which brings the total positive to 70. These are of 154 tests that were run and 150 were negative. 2 of the positives were connected with previous positives and the other two were community-acquired.

The premier has referred to these results as “encouraging” and says that the results that are returned in the upcoming week will be “telling” and will to a large part dictate the regulatory response.

These tests were run up to April 21. 

As per previous reports, there are some 750 tests outstanding as part of the mass testing program. Eighty have been prioritized; 50 of them were on the British Airways flight and 30 were for clinical reasons. Screening tests for frontline workers, those in the prisons, the elderly and others are among these.

The status of positive cases is as follows:

  • 33 have some symptoms.
  • 22 are asymptomatic.
  • 6 individuals are in the hospital and 4 at the Health Services Authority (HSA) (an addition of 1)
  • 8 have recovered fully.

Doctor’s hospital is now providing testing support to the HSA.

The Governor has indicated that there are sufficient swabs and extraction kits that have or will be arriving in the coming days. Swabs have arrived from China via FEDEX.

Cayman is still in the suppression phase of the pandemic.

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