Monday 28 September, 2020

Cayman is back on the beach from Tuesday; Sunday hard curfew lifted

As part of the move from Level 4 suppression to Level 3 suppression, Police Commissioner Derek Byrne is implementing new curfew regulations as of 5 am this morning May 15 running to June 2 at 5 am (for 18 days) as follows:

(These do not apply to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac that have unique rules that were put into place last week)

May 15, 5 am to May 18, 8 pm (today through to Monday)

Shelter in Place will remain in place to 8 pm when the hard curfew will come into place. Hard curfew will remain in place from 8 pm to 5 am and beach bans will remain in place until Tuesday at 5 am. The Sunday hard curfew will be lifted during the day.

Persons are permitted to drive to points of exercise between 5.15 am and 7 pm (for 90-minutes maximum)

May 19, 5 am to June 1, 8 pm

This new curfew order “will significantly ease shelter in place restrictions” said the Police commissioner. 

The changes will be as follows:

Hard curfew will remain every night from 8 pm to 5 am. 

Persons are permitted to drive to points of exercise between 5.15 am and 7 pm (for 2 hours maximum)

Beach exercise will be permitted from 5.15 am to 7 pm according to an alphabetised system (see below). Exercise and inshore fishing and boat fishing will be allowed. No more than 2 persons will be allowed to be on a boat for the purpose of fishing. No inter-island fishing will be allowed. No fishing will be allowed at Starfish Point, Rum Point nor Sand bar. This is with the exception of those who live in those areas.

Snorkelling, paddle boarding and kayaking will be allowed but water sports will not be allowed. No sunbathing or picnics will be allowed. Families (maximum of two adults with children) will be allowed to go to the beach together. Social distancing and public gathering restrictions will continue to be enforced on the beach.

Leisure craft and sailing boats are not allowed.

Surnames from A-K will be allowed on the beach for exercise or to engage in fishing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 hours maximum

Surnames from L-Z will be allowed on the beach for exercise or to engage in fishing on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for 2 hours maximum

Strata pools and tennis courts within stratas will be opened within the context of social distancing requirements and in groups of two.

SUNDAY daytime hard curfew is banned.

Monday thru Sunday night time hard curfew will remain in place from 8 pm to 5 am.



As of Tuesday, the following businesses will be operational:

  • Car dealerships
  • Home depots
  • Garages
  • Boat maintenance and repair
  • Car washes
  • Construction, engineering, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning services

Masks will be required in all public places. Entry will be denied to those who are not compliant. 

Projects that are close to completion or those that were underway will be the first to open. 45 of these projects have been identified and will be allowed to proceed early next week. Almost all of the personnel (around 100) have been identified and are being tested. 

The second category involves construction projects on commercial and family dwellings. There are 65 of these under active construction. With this phase, there will be up to 3000 workers returning to work. Names need to be submitted to the planning department so that these individuals can be tested on a first come first serve basis. Work in this category could begin next week.

The third category involves single-family dwellings and duplexes. These projects will be contacted on the week of May 25 and workers will have to be tested.

Up to 3,200 people will be tested over the next two weeks. This is up to forty per cent of the construction labour force. The balance of the construction sector will be allowed to go to work by June 1. 



As of May 19, all public transport vehicles will be allowed to function at no more than fifty per cent carrying capacity and all passengers will be required to wear masks.

Public health will be carrying out inspections to ensure proper protocols are being observed.

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