Tuesday 24 November, 2020

Cayman: Confirmatory tests say Red Bay student contacts are negative

"773 results today have only two positives who are asymptomatic screens of travellers at the end of quarantine. The 773 include those from the Red Bay Primary School incident at the end of their 14 days observation."

These were the words of a Saturday night tweet from Cayman's Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Lee, pertaining to confirmatory COVID-tests, following the mandatory quarantine of the households of 54 year 2 students and six year 2 teachers as a precautionary measure, after a Red Bay Primary School student in that year received a weak COVID-positive test result on October 9. Households of close contacts were asked to isolate as well.

Given the incubation period of the illness, households were required to isolate for a total of 14 days from last contact with the child which was as of October 2, bringing the confirmatory test date to October 17.

Students were required to work from home and were provided with laptops to continue their work. 

Luckily, all 207 original swabs taken from contacts of the child were negative, including those carried out on the parents and the sibling of the child, as were subsequent confirmatory tests on the child and all of their contacts, raising questions from the public about whether the child actually had COVID-19.

The households were given appointments to facilitate social distancing and were tested at the South Sound Community Centre yesterday. 

The child has officially been recorded as a positive COVID case.

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