Thursday 4 June, 2020

Cayman: Information for baby deliveries and newborns

Three issues raised at today's press briefing were of relevance to new parents and those who are coming up to childbirth. These include visitor restrictions for mothers, the purchase of baby products and vaccinations, as follows:

Visitor restrictions for mothers in labour 

Visitor restrictions around mothers in labour will be relaxed in order to allow one person accompanying a patient during labour at the Health Services Authority.

Because of the limited availability of obstetricians and midwives and out of an abundance of caution due to the evolving situation with the COVID-19 virus, the administration agreed last week to limit access to the maternity unit. This was an important, temporary measure in order to keep patients and staff safe. In the interim, a system of virtual companion using video technology was facilitated giving mothers the option to use their device in the labour room.

The HSA acknowledges that having a partner physically present throughout the labouring process provides mothers with the physical and emotional support needed.

Additional measures have been taken to mitigate the risk of potential exposure to other patients and staff, with a single companion to be allowed with the patient in the delivery room but will be required to wear PPE (personal protection equipment), as instructed by the medical staff.

Maternity patients can contact their healthcare provider or the women’s health or maternity unit at 949-8600 for more information.

Purchase of baby products

A number of the baby shops have been granted permission to operate from 9 am to 1 pm during the soft curfew hours.


Vaccinations of newborns are still being conducted. Public health nurses are in contact with new parents.

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