Thursday 1 October, 2020

Cayman: Int'l arrivals that do not self isolate could face prison time

A stipulation has been added to the Public Health (Control and Suppression of Covid-19) Regulations, 2020. Everyone coming into the island from abroad is required to isolate for 14-days as per the law.

If it is not self-isolation, it must be done in one of the facilities provided for that purpose.

If an individual does not self-isolate, they could face 6 months imprisonment or a $1000 fine.

This stipulation has been added to law because of a number of reports that many students and others who have returned to the island from abroad are not self-isolating.

"In case of the students, we know who they are," said the Premier at the March 20 press briefing. He confirmed that this would be difficult to enforce but they will be taking reports seriously.

"It is exceedingly dangerous" to have any activity that will affect their legal record, stressed Dr Lee of the students who have returned home.

A summary of accommodations that have been put in place by the government for international arrivals is as follows:

1. The NEOC hotline and email went live last night to receive calls regarding the dedicated isolation facility intended for returning students aged 18 and over. Technical issues which were initially reported when the call center launched, have been resolved overnight.

2. Personnel have been stationed at the airport to oversee the process and to assist the students.

3. House rules for persons residing in the facility have been provided to students.

4. We expect more students to avail themselves of the option in the coming days.

5. The hotline is 1-800-534-6555. The email address is

6. The government has thus far reserved 100 rooms and 200 beds. Negotiations are ongoing if the situation requires more.

Update on Facility for Essential Staff Whose Home Is Impacted By Returning Travelers Needing Isolation:

1. A separate facility has been opened to essential staff whose home is expected to be impacted by returning travellers. So far, five persons have been approved to use this facility so as to ensure the seamless delivery of services by the HSA, uniformed services and 911.

International Travelers in transit to the Sister Islands:

1. Additionally, arrangements have been made to accommodate inbound passengers on international flights who are transiting Grand Cayman for the Sister Islands.

2. On medical advice, isolation accommodations have been made available to all persons arriving on flights from abroad who plan to continue to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. This includes students and others.

3. There is heightened concern given the limited resources on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, the high percentage of elderly persons residing there and the additional challenges for serious cases given the remoteness of the Islands. For these reasons, all international travellers who planned to continue to the Sister Islands are being given accommodations to self-isolate at a dedicated hotel in Grand Cayman.

4. We strongly urge persons not to continue through to the Sister Islands. We are therefore giving them the means to do the responsible thing and stay in place in Grand Cayman until the self-isolation period has expired or another provision can be made which can provide similar assurance.


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