Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Cayman Islands headlines in Vogue Magazine’s December Issue

This winter our Cayman Islands have been featured across three global Vogue magazines: Vogue USA, Vogue UK and Vogue Australia. 

In our most significant appearance of the season, the Cayman Islands is the subject of a travel feature entitled “Why the Fashion Crowd Is Flocking to Grand Cayman This Winter.” Truth be told, this article is not specifically about Cayman but about the new 52-room Palm Heights hotel on Seven Mile Beach.

According to writer, Annie Cho, “Just a 10-minute drive from the airport, the boutique hotel sits on one of the world’s best beaches.”

Cho speaks of the boutique hotel’s spacious ocean front rooms that are decked out in swag. She also makes reference to the dining at the Coconut Club and Cayman’s only rooftop hangout.

What we weren’t so happy to read was the dissuasion from exploring our beautiful island. According to Cho, “There are, of course, off-site activities to enjoy on the island such as snorkelling, scuba diving, and horseback swimming, but it seems the best thing to do at Palm Heights is mingle with other like-minded guests.”

Palm Heights was also recently featured in the Zoe Report, L’officiel and CEO World, among others.

But in other Vogue news…

Cayman makes a brief appearance in Vogue Australia under the title, “The 25 best beaches in the world.” Seven Mile Beach, no stranger to best beach listicles, scored the #12 position.

In keeping with the global trend, Vogue UK also mentions the Cayman Islands in a piece entitled, “Where The Vogue Editors Are Holidaying This Christmas.”

What can we say… when you got it you got it, right?

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