Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Cayman joins global movement of nightly applause of essential workers

Maybe it’s because I’m not European, I thought jokingly as the thoughtful Paula Blane contacted me yesterday afternoon to tell me about the #weapplaud movement, that I just didn't get.

“Hi Daphne, I suggested to our complex that at 7PM we go out on our front steps or balcony and clap for one minute to let all the front line and key workers that we are behind them and appreciate them all. Please can you do a post and let’s get the entire island doing this. Let’s rock this rock and show them some love. Let’s show them all how much we appreciate all the work they doing to help keep us safe.”

“Hmmmm how would that work... I’m not sure they’d hear us,” I responded.

A few hours later, Kary Claybourn wrote me, “I have been told there is a movement to go out on balconies or doorsteps at 7PM each night to clap for our medical and front line workers just as they have been in Europe. I have been asked to pass this on. Let’s start tonight Cayman. Daphne could you write about this in Loop perhaps to spread the word?”

With two requests, I stopped to do the research. It’s funny how, as a journalist in the midst of a crisis you can become so absorbed with the situation within your own borders or within your region and you can miss the non-emergency, feel good stories amidst the hysteria.

The truth is that we couldn’t do it without them. The doctors, the nurses, the sanitation workers, those who make and sell our food and the many other people in the community who make this island run as smoothly as it does. Just like the government, they are the ones who ensure that the show keeps going— and so of course they deserve applause— a standing ovation at that!

Starting tonight at 7PM, let’s all stand at our windows or in our doorways and give recognition and appreciation to those on the frontlines.


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