Thursday 29 October, 2020

Cayman: More curfew arrests and warnings for prosecution

Commissioner of Police Mr Derek Byrne has stated that there has been no spike in crime given the current crisis. Several arrests and warnings for prosecution have resulted from the curfew.

in Grand Cayman last night, there were 30 vehicle stops. 6 were felt to be in breach of curfew. 4 were warned for prosecution and 2 were arrested because of associated predicate offences. There were no examples of violence.

On the sister islands, last night, there were 12 vehicle stops and 2 were found to be in breach of curfew and were warned for prosecution.

Between 7 am and around 2 pm today, 55 vehicles were stopped and 10 were found in breach of curfew and warned for prosecution.

Additional patrols are in place for COVID-19 enforcement. 

"We are out in large numbers across the islands," said the Police Commissioner.

All reports are going through 9-1-1.

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