Monday 26 October, 2020

Cayman: New curfew regulations and ticketing system put in place

The Police Commissioner has indicated that a new ticketing system will be put into place in the Cayman Islands as of this Monday. Tickets will be issued quite liberally, according to the Premier.

There will also be new curfew rules implemented as of Monday.

The new curfew rules are as follows:

  • Cayman's hard curfew which takes place from 7 pm to 5 am will stay in place for a further two weeks as of Monday.
  • The soft curfew will also be extended for two weeks as of Monday and adjustments to the new shelter in place orders will be put in place as follows.
  • ONLY those persons with surnames A-K will be allowed to leave home for only essential purposes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during soft curfew between 5.01 am and 6.59 pm
  • ONLY those persons with surnames L-Z will be allowed to leave home for only essential purposes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during soft curfew between 5.01 am and 6.59 pm
  • Sunday will be a HARD CURFEW day from 12.01 am to 11.59 pm

These changes will be revisited on April 17.

Custody arrangements between parents that require transportation of children between homes as well as the business of essential workers will be exempted when conducting these activities. Individuals will be allowed to exercise for an hour and a half per day. This includes driving to the beach to exercise.

No person shall, except with the written permission of the Medical Officer of Health visit or be permitted to visit, a residential home care facility.  

From April 6, tickets will be issued for people who breach curfew without a need for a warning for prosecution. These will need to be paid within 28-days. Where the ticket is due to a breach of a public health violation, the fine will range between $250 and $750. Some of the penalties include the following items below.

1. Not restricting the number of customers in a place of business so that each customer complies with social distancing requirements   


2. Not maintaining a distance of at least six feet or two meters from another person  


3. Holding a public meeting, procession or festive ceremony  


4. Opening an establishment, institution, business, organisation or office which is not exempt  


5. Being a convenience store or mini-mart which has more than 6 customers at any one time  


7. Carrying out any activity or operation set out in regulation 6(1) of the Regulations (such as hosting a private party, visiting or permitting entry to a private strata pool or gym, or performing works of construction)  


8. Permitting the visit of, or visiting, the following places i.e.-  (a) a place or facility of quarantine or isolation; (b) a detainee in a prison or place of detention; or (c) a patient in a health care facility.   


9. Permitting a visit to, or visiting a residential home-care facility without the written permission of the Medical Officer of Health. 


10. Without lawful authority, remaining in a place other than the confines of the person’s place of residence, inclusive of the person’s yard space.  


11. Undertaking essential travel to any of the public places such as supermarkets, convenience stores, mini-marts, retail banks, building societies, credit unions or gas stations on days other than those permitted according to persons’ last names 


Upon being served a ticket, a person may:  

- pay the total amount set out in the ticket; or  

- enter into a ‘not guilty’ plea; or  

- attend the Summary Court on the date set out in the ticket and enter a plea.

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