Monday 23 November, 2020

Cayman: Two tests return positive for coronavirus

Two people have tested positive in the most recent batch of tests for coronavirus. Dr John Lee, Chief Medical Officer for the Ministry of Health.has indicated that these are members of staff at Health City Cayman. Of the 40 individuals awaiting test results, 38 results came back negative.

The Public Health Department has confirmed the results from the latest round of coronavirus testing. All tests conducted on-island will be verified by CARPHA.

All individuals tested were isolated since displaying symptoms last week.

“Patients are doing well and will remain in isolation with regular support of Public Health until fully recovered,” said Medical Health Officer, Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez.

“These results can be understood to mean that the Cayman Islands are still in the containment phase of the worldwide pandemic. This means you should continue to practice social distancing of 3 – 6 feet and hand-washing measures,” noted Dr John Lee.

These tests are the first batches to be completed on-island since the necessary testing equipment arrived on Friday, 13 March 2020.  

This information is upon confirmation at today's Press Briefing which took place just after 2PM and a subsequent press release issued by the Cayman Islands Government.

The Health City staff who were previously quarantined continue to be quarantined.

Given that these two individuals contracted the illness due to association with a visitor, they are not considered to be locally transmitted. Local transmission means that if someone’s test comes up positive and there is no known contact with someone from the outside, then it is defined as “community transmission.”

A risk assessment has been completed by Public Health England.

Public Health England is very confident in the testing system put in place in Cayman Islands.

More reagent is required and medical personnel are awaiting this from PAHO. Dr Lee has affirmed that this does not change how the sick will be treated. If there is no reagent, tests will be sent to CARPHA.

Of the staff who felt unwell, they were not severely affected by symptoms.

The Premier indicated that over the past few days, there are a number of students and others who have returned from abroad and have not self quarantined which is concerning.

The NEOC hotline has gone live to support students who are self-isolating. 66-students are coming in today. Thus far, 12 of these students have already arrived. They have been given transportation, accommodation, meals and WiFi. There are currently 100 rooms and 200 beds reserved. These accommodations are also being provided to those moving on to Cayman Brac.

All international travellers who plan on moving on to the sister islands will be provided with self-isolation accommodations that they should use for 14-days in Grand Cayman.

The NEOC can be contacted at 1-800-534-6555 or

The premier has indicated that we have to think beyond the three-week closing of our borders. He indicated that luckily, we are in a fiscally strong position that we can sustain ourselves for at least four months if we do not earn "another penny".

Government has indicated that briefings will continue for some time to come.

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