Sunday 19 May, 2019

Cheap Valentine's Day gift ideas

People often complain that they get the same Valentine's Day gift every year while they also bemoan the high cost of baskets, chocolates and expensive colognes or perfumes that they have to get the object(s) of their love. Here are a few Valentine's Day gift ideas for men and women that won't break the bank. 


1. A visit to the Azan's Supercentre along Old Hope Road in St Andrew turned up a cornucopia of cheap presents. You can get Valentine's day Hershey chocolates for $220, Happy Valentine's Day 11 ounce mugs for $210, and larger mugs for $270; small teddy bears for $250, roses for $55, picture frames for $165, small teddy bears with cups for $450, medium-sized teddy bears for $1,140, body sprays for $1,500, and large picture frames where you can put a photo of your love for $595.

2. There’s nothing like a home cooked meal made with love by your man on Valentine’s Day. Give him a gorgeous Lignum Vitae cutting board early in the day so that he can use it right away! You can get one at Tony's Gift Shop (876 297-3159) in New Kingston for under $2,000.  He can use this cutting board to season, chop, shred, anything! For amateurs and professional cooks, this cutting board will last for years and look fantastic in your kitchen. Pair this lovely gift with a new set of spices or a hot sauce kit and you’ve got a really great Valentine’s Day gift for him.

3. Tony's Gift Shop also has various beautifully crafted carvings of lovers kissing or sharing an intimate moment of affection for as low as $2,500. No erotic sculptures though, you slackers! 


4. A handwritten letter is always nice as there is nothing as touching as when someone actually writes down on paper how they feel about you. Tell them exactly what you love and appreciate about them. Nothing says I love you more than words. 

5. You can get him a beard comb kit with a leather pouch for $2,500 at a pharmacy, or a shear for his grooming purposes. 

6.  Make a homemade meal together. Cook dinner with the one you love, maybe while listening to music and drinking a glass of wine. Women, you could gather ingredients, find a recipe and ask him to join you in the kitchen.

7. Find a great old romance story on Netflix or Redbox and watch it. Good choices are 'An Affair to Remember', 'It Happened One Night', 'Casablanca' or 'Singing in the Rain'. 

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