Tuesday 10 December, 2019

Cop to be questioned in wife's murder

Janet Hardie-Lawrence

Janet Hardie-Lawrence

Police investigators are to question one of their own, who allegedly killed his estranged wife at their house located at Jamaica Beach in Tower Isle, St Mary, Jamaica on Tuesday morning. 

The deceased woman has been identified as 45-year-old Janet Hardie-Lawrence, otherwise called Diane.

There have been conflicting reports surrounding the couple's troubled marriage, with some relatives of the deceased woman claiming that her husband was jealous. 

However, persons close to the policeman have alleged that he made several complaints at the police station about Hardie-Lawrence's behaviour towards him.

Interestingly, the detective corporal detailed his alleged troubles in a voicenote to his colleagues, where he also confessed to having killed her moments prior. The voicenote has since gone viral on social media.

In the 26-second voicenote, the cop stated: "Mi love di whole a unuh enuh oh. Dis a di last time (unuh ago) hear mi voice. Mi wife a torment mi life -Constable Gordon can tell unuh- torment mi life. Mi gah station last night and report [it] and from morning me a call back Corporal Johnson fi come talk to di woman. Di woman lick off mi door fi money (and) a torment mi life, a torment mi life and dis morning mi haffi kill har."

The corporal, assigned to the Trelawny police division, continued: “Mi sorry, but ah so it guh. Mi nah stay fi face di judgement, so mi love di ol ah unuh. So it guh, one love."

He was found by his fellow lawmen at the entrance of the house, while his wife was found near the garage suffering from gunshot wounds. 

Reports are that at about 6:30 am, the couple was arguing at the house when residents heard loud explosions and alerted the police. 

Sources informed Loop News that Hardie-Lawrence, who owned a clothes store in St Ann's Bay, St Ann, had separated from her husband, but both remained at the house where they occupied different sections. 

"As far as I know they were separated, but because they both had ownership for the house they remained," one resident of Tower Isle said.

Hardie-Lawrence was described as being generally kind, honest and hardworking by the resident.

The businesswoman came to national prominence after the media detailed her search for her eldest son, who disappeared in 2002. She had not located him up to the time of her tragic death. 

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