Sunday 5 July, 2020

Coronavirus: Information on food, supplies and supermarkets

Cargo continues to arrive into Cayman at this time.

Currently, cargo ships, Lady Joyce and Nirvana 3 are in port, and other cargo ships are scheduled to come in throughout the month.

The following are adjustments that local grocery stores have made to their regular service:


In order to ensure products are available for as many of its customers as possible, Foster’s is limiting the purchase of specific products to 1 to four 4 per product, per customer, depending on the product. For example, two Clorox Lemon Disinfecting Wipes and four Clorox Lemon Fresh bleach could be purchased at the same time. The products limited are clearly marked on shelves. Restrictions are as follows: Disinfectants: 2 per person, hand sanitizer: 1 per person, bleach: 4 per person, paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, tissue): 2 per person

Foster’s has indicated that they are working hard not to increase any prices on which demand has increased due to COVID-19. They do not anticipate running out of any products for extended periods of time as alternative suppliers and products have been arranged to ensure a continuous supply.

Salad bars at all Foster's locations are closed and are replaced with pre-packaged salads. Hot bars at all Foster's locations will be changed from self-serve to service only, with a reduced menu offering. All items in the self-serve pastry cases will be pre-packaged in individual bags.

Accommodations for those with special needs: To assist those who are more vulnerable within our community, Foster’s will have a dedicated shopping hour from 6AM-7AM for the elderly, those with a disability, and expectant mothers at all Foster's Supermarket and Priced Right locations.

Hours: Pharmacy hours have changed from 6AM-8PM and store hours have changed from 6AM-11PM


Home delivery staff will drop groceries at customers’ front doors and will not enter homes.

The salad and soup bar is no longer self-serve

Hurley’s has indicated that there are limited supplies of hand sanitizer, disinfectant, bar and liquid hand soap and most paper products. Substitutions of products will be provided wherever the supermarket has run out of supply.

Pick up orders should only be picked up after customers receive contact from the supermarket.

Hours: Store hours have changed to Monday thru Saturday, 7AM-8PM

Kirk Market

Kirk's has temporarily suspended its hot bar, salad bar and made-to-order sandwich station. The full-service Mediterranean Bar will continue to offer hot and chilled food options from an adjusted menu. A variety of pre-made and packaged options will be provided in grab-and-go coolers.

Kirk's is now limiting product purchases on the following items to a maximum of two (2) items per customer: Hand Soaps and Sanitizers, Bathroom Tissue & Kitchen Paper, Facial Tissue, Surface Cleaning Sprays, Disinfectants; Surface Cleaning Wipes & Liquids, Diapers, Wipes, Baby Formula (large powder only), Rubbing Alcohol, Cough & Cold Medicines and Children’s Cough & Cold.

Accommodations for those with special needs: In an effort to assist seniors, Kirk Market has reserved Checkout Lane #14 for seniors only (Ages 60+).

Hours: Store hours have changed from 7AM-8PM

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