Saturday 19 September, 2020

Coronavirus response in Cayman by the numbers

The following is based on data that was up-to-date at the time of publishing...

51: The number of active coronavirus cases in Cayman to-date

94: The number of positive female coronavirus cases in Cayman to-date

100+: The number of days that the National Emergency Operations Centre was operational

101: The number of positive male coronavirus cases in Cayman to-date

112: The number of hours per week (16-hours per day, 7-days a week) that each Curfew Time employee had to put in at the beginning of the pandemic to facilitate the work of essential workers

143: The number of fully recovered coronavirus patients in Cayman to-date

>200: The number of positive coronavirus tests to date (at the time that this article was written, the total stood at 195)

359: The number of people currently in isolation

600:  The number of Cayman residents who have been housed in quarantine facilities

Hundreds: The number of Cayman residents on which contact tracing was conducted

4,300: The number of online forms processed by the Curfew Time team

12,000: The number of email requests that the Curfew Time team received in the first 5-weeks of curfews 

19,000: The number of requests that have been processed by the Curfew Time team 

20,000+: The number of COVID-19 screenings that have been conducted to date in the Cayman Islands

50,000+: The number of free reusable and disposable masks distributed in the Cayman Islands to date 

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