Sunday 15 September, 2019

Crash victim's family wants sharing of graphic images to stop

Tafie White was killed in a motor vehicle accident last week.

Tafie White was killed in a motor vehicle accident last week.

Imagine your social media newsfeed turning into the source of a constant reminder of the tragic event that took the life of a loved one?

That’s the reality for the sister of a Jamaican road crash victim who says gruesome videos and images of the accident scene, circulating online, have made the pain worse for her family.

Tafie White, a 27-year-old taxi operator, was killed early last Tuesday morning when his Mazda Premacy motorcar crashed into the rear of a disabled trailer along the Mammee Bay leg of the North South Highway in St Ann.

In happy times: Kadian with Taffie (right) and another brother who also passed away recently.

What’s worse for Kadian White than losing her younger brother is having to see his lifeless body inside his mangled car, over and over again on social media.

“There are open groups on Facebook and WhatsApp sharing the pictures and videos of him in the car lifeless, and also the morgue he was taken to someone took a photo of him there,” Kadian told Loop News over the weekend.

“I’m distraught... the whole family is in deep mourning as we had to lay my big brother to rest last year February and now this,” she added.

Social media is a breeding ground for graphic content and local police and other authorities often appeal to members of the public to desist from sharing graphic images from murder and crash scenes, noting that the rights of freedom of expression and freedom of speech must be exercised with due sensitivity to the rights of others.

However, depute the appeal, the insensitive sharing of graphic content is a growing problem that is piling pain onto yet another family.

Kadian White just wants her brother to rest and her family to mourn in peace.

“We are asking that people desist from sharing those disturbing images and video of (Tafie) lifeless on the accident scene,” the distraught young woman said.

“Show us some respect as we are in mourning.”

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