Friday 10 July, 2020

Customs & Border Control arrest five at George Town Port

Five persons have been arrested by the Customs and Border Control Service (CBC) for various work and CBC offenses during an operation at the George Town Port. 

During the operation on November 21, CBC officers searched sections of the vessel, including crew members and their cabins, imported vehicles and cargo as well as other individuals working at the port who were suspected of committing CBC offenses.

Detector dogs were used extensively.

CBC Deputy Director, Jeff Jackson - who has responsibility for the Enforcement portfolio - stated: "The operation was to heighten border security efforts by executing actions to better identify and understand the threats, to deter or lead to the seizure of narcotics, weapons, undeclared goods, thus disrupting transnational, organized criminal activities, and contributing to improving security at the George Town Port.

“CBC will continue to work aggressively to address illegal activities at our borders along with other CBC offences such as over stayers and work related offences with our partner agencies by taking such actions in strengthening our position to deny opportunities to those with criminal intent”.

He stressed that he couldn't provide further details, but that CBC works very closely with the Port Authority who provided great support and assistance with the success of the operation.

Investigations are ongoing and CBC is working very closely with the WORC department in relation to the offences as well.

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