Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Digicel Cayman makes community mental health a priority during COVID19

“So much has been said about the increased levels of stress, worry and the potential mental health problems associated with the impact of COVID 19. Therefore taking care of your mental health at this time when we are living very differently is vital,” says Dympna Carten RMN, Community Psychiatric Nurse at the Health Services Authority.

One of the most important ways of preserving both mental health and general health is through social connectivity. Now that social distancing has become the law, the only effective means of maintaining contact is online.

As the most popular telecommunications provider in Cayman, Digicel Cayman has directed a lot of its efforts towards ensuring that its customers are continuously connected to their loved ones, enabling mental health telecommunications to support the community and providing entertainment via its online channels and apps.

“Mental Health is an important issue in all societies. Therefore, it is critical that we create greater awareness of mental health support programmes in our community, especially during this very difficult time that we are all facing,” says Digicel CEO, Raul Nicholson-Coe.

Digicel along with other local communication providers worked with ​the Health Services Authority Mental Health Unit to implement the Mental Health ​Support Toll-Free Telephone number 1-800-534-6463.

“This confidential Mental Health Helpline is available from Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm and is manned by mental health professionals who will actively listen and help as best they can. Calls are totally free… so stay on the line and your call will be connected,” says Nurse Carten.

Digicel has also donated mobile phones to mental health professionals in order to ensure that are able to answer calls when not in the office.

“Mental health may be the most critical medical issue that we as a society will have to deal with after this crisis is over,” says Nicholson-Coe. “Consequently we felt that it was extremely important to get involved with specific initiatives to ensure that we provide the necessary support to those within our community that are currently having difficulties handling the COVID-19 crisis from an emotional perspective.”

“Yes it is hard, it is a rough road but we must start every day taking it one step at a time, adopting a practical approach to addressing individual and family daily needs, finding simple joys, acknowledging things that we are grateful for and accepting the things out of our control,” says Nurse Carten.

“Take stock of all your resources, take pride in your strengths and coping abilities, take time to stay in contact with family, friends and neighbours, be kind towards others and take note of all the help that is available.”

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