Thursday 26 November, 2020

Digicel SHOWDOWN Alison Hinds vs Patrice Roberts passes 12K in 30 mins

Alison Hinds goes tune for tune with Patrice Roberts.

Alison Hinds goes tune for tune with Patrice Roberts.

In half an hour, the viewers of Digicel's SHOWDOWN smashed 12K.

Digicel presented the first SHOWDOWN tonight (October 28) between Barbados' Alison Hinds and Trinidad and Tobago's Patrice Roberts.

Round 1 - Breakthrough Song

Round 2 - Classic Groovy

Round 3 - Classic Power 

Round 4 - Bubble Groovy

The first four rounds were covered in the first 30 minutes.

Round 5 - Bubble Power

Round 6 - Versatility

Round 7 - Male Collab

Round 8 - Female Collab

Round 9 - Ladies Anthem

Round 10 - Ting 4D Road

At the 31-minute time stamp, the viewers rose to 13K on the dot.

Patrice started the evening by telling Alison that she is her idol, and Alison, a veteran entertainer gave Patrice her praise as well, saying that on more than one occasion when she has heard a Patrice track she has enviously thought "I wish I had that song." The rapport was very respectful and viewers got much background on the tracks.

After Round 5 when Alison dropped 'Faluma', Patrice asked "How am I even gonna compete with that?" Difficult as it was, Patrice replied with one of her career-making tracks 'Sweet fuh days'. But the people in the comments gave Patrice Round 7 hands down.

Deejay Puffy backed Alison Hinds.

By 8:38 pm, viewers had reached 15K and surpassed 16.3K at 8:53 pm when Round 8 kicked off.

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