Friday 7 August, 2020

Doctors Hospital providing an essential service during the pandemic

The Governor, Martyn Roper, pays a visit to the COVID-testing facilities at Doctors Hospital

The Governor, Martyn Roper, pays a visit to the COVID-testing facilities at Doctors Hospital

The experience is seamless.

Drive through the entrance of Doctors Hospital (formerly the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital) off Walkers Road, take a look to your left and there you will see it — signs pointing to tents where you are greeted by at least three medical personnel who are ready to take the unique number that was provided at registration.

Customers are provided with a pre-labelled test tube and swab and are comforted by the warm bedside manner of the attending personnel — this is the most positive feature of what for many is a very daunting experience.

And the results? In my case it literally took hours.

(This test was carried out for personal and not journalistic purposes.)

As the team at Doctors Hospital puts it, "We have been ready since day one." And it sure seems that way. 

If a company, team or individual requires COVID-19 testing, for whatever reason, it is as simple as contacting the Care Centre at 325-9000 or booking directly using the online portal:

The hospital's new Eppendorf 5920R Centrifuge allows Doctors Hospital to typically run over 750 COVID-19 PCR in one work shift. Theoretically, this centrifuge would also be able to supply 4 PCR machines simultaneously, allowing the Lab to throughput almost 400 COVID tests per hour, according to the hospital.

Governor Martyn Roper visited Doctors Hospital's coronavirus testing facilities on Friday and was just as impressed.

"It was good to see it in action," he said. "I saw the drive-in testing facility they have set up and went through the process to see how it works. It is impressive and cuts down risk for both staff and patients. I also heard about their capacity to produce fast results from testing and their willingness to do more. The joint working between our private healthcare companies and the Health Service Authority led us to second in the world for per capita testing for Covid19 — a huge achievement for our small islands. One Team Cayman can be very proud about that."

Cayman's test results continue to be encouraging — only one positive test so far for the month of July.

"In other parts of the world it is taking a grip again," said Roper.

Doctor's Hospital has been playing an essential role during the pandemic, sometimes absorbing up to one-third of all testing for a given period and facilitating social distancing for services such as prescriptions, by offering pharmacy home delivery, and the hospital has been re-opened for all services since June 22.

"We must continue with social distancing, hand hygiene and masks," added Roper. "We need to remain on our guard as we have opened up our local economy. A lot of work is underway to see how we can safely open the border. Doctors Hospital is keen to be a partner in that."

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