Thursday 3 December, 2020

Dr Denise Osterloh praised as medical hero and lover of all life

Dr Denise Osterloh; Image source: Facebook

Dr Denise Osterloh; Image source: Facebook

Loop's efforts to engage readers in the selection of national heroes were overwhelmingly successful. We received scores of expressions of gratitude to a variety of members of Caymanian society and Dr Denise Osterloh, from Cayman Clinic, received her fair share of praise.

Said Caroline Thorburn: “Denise Osterloh is spectacularly special! I don’t know what I would do without her in my life!”

An adopted Caymanian since 1997, Dr Osterloh worked in the Accident and Emergency Department at the Cayman Islands Hospital for many years before joining the team at Cayman Clinic.

Osterloh is also a divemaster and has special training in hyperbaric (the diagnosis and treatment of decompression illness in divers) and dive medicine and works with Cayman Hyperbaric services.

She is also actively involved in animal protection and rescue services.

According to Paula Blane: “Denise Osterloh helps so many people who are in need of medical care and also does so much for all the animals on island. She really does have a big heart and does it all very quietly and without feeling the need for the limelight. She cares for ALL life forms and really is a remarkable lady in every way. Many of us are honoured to know her.”

And, according to Emma Love: “Denise Osterloh is an absolute superhuman superstar! She gives her entire life to helping others, humans and animals!!! Her heart is the biggest and we love her dearly and she is always cracking the best jokes!!”

Said Nina Rodgers: “No one less selfish and with a bigger heart. A true gem- a needle in a haystack and we are blessed to know her and have her in our lives.”

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