Thursday 3 December, 2020

Environmental leaders acknowledged for National Heroes Day

Shirley Roulstone; Image Source: CPR Cayman Facebook page

Shirley Roulstone; Image Source: CPR Cayman Facebook page

Environmentalists have such a significant impact on our lives in Cayman. From biodiversity loss, to the Cruise port issue, to pollution and landfill issues, there are a number of leaders and pioneers who are fearlessly paving the way for change. 

Here are a few inspiring individuals that have shaped, or are helping to shape our environmental future, as acknowledged by Loop readers.

Shirley Roulstone was recognized for her work Cathrine Welds, who endearingly referred to her as “Rascal-in-Chief of CPR Cayman,” stating, “We all know why she’s a hero.” 

Roulstone was also acknowledged by Ally McRae and Francoise Minzett, who said, “Ms Shirley Roulstone, keep reaching for the stars! You can do it!”

Melanie Carmichael and Shyvon Hydes echoed, "Shirley Roulstone- people’s Cayman 2020 national grassroots heroine. A woman admired for her courage, warmth, and noble qualities."

Cathrine Welds acknowledged Mrs Gina Ebanks-Petrie of the Department of the Environment “who was my mentor in high school for our mentorship program, who I still highly respect and look up to for all of her and the department's efforts to protect our environment. I wish the rest of our government would give her and the department the respect and honour they truly deserve. I still love her to this day because of the impact she's had on my life.”

And according to Paula Blane, “Ellen Cuylaerts [freelance underwater and wildlife photographer, who documents animals and the challenges they are facing] for all she does for our oceans and environment and her immeasurable talents. We need more people like her.” 

These are but a small group. Cayman is so lucky to have a diverse group of brave souls who are willing to stand up for this island’s natural beauty.

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