Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Faces of Cayman: Lucas Anglin

This week's face of Cayman is tourism-worker and digital artist, Lucas Anglin who hails from West Bay. 

Lucas was born in the Cayman Islands and lived in the United States with his American mother and Caymanian father until the age of ten, when he returned to Cayman.

"I believe in equality, the golden rule and treating people fairly," says Lucas of the principles that guide his life.

Like many Caymanians, Lucas was employed in the tourism sector before COVID-19 and has been displaced by the COVID-19 shutdown. "I've worked in tourism for most of my life," he says. "I've driven buses, given tours, worked at the Turtle Farm, Dolphin Discovery, Ritz Carlton, Captain Marvins..." He goes on.

"Right now I'm out of work," he laments. "I'm looking for jobs via WORC or anywhere else I can find something."

Lucas is also a digital artist with a flair for abstract Digital Arts and designs with a profoundly emotional grafiti'esque vibe. He got into art about five years ago, but really became addicted to his craft during the past two years and has since created over 900 pieces. His dream is to have his own art gallery in Cayman some day.

Photo credit: Helen Jones

Lucas is also an avid musician and has written a number of hip-hop songs and also writes in his free time. 

"What I love most about living in Cayman is that I can fish and catch my own lobster and conch for dinner. I also love the beach and I even love the occasional thunderstorm," shares the pensive artist.

View more of the artist's work here

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