Monday 26 October, 2020

Faces of Cayman: Theon McCoy

This week's Face of Cayman is Theon McCoy.

"I was lucky enough to have been raised among my grandparents," says the 39 year-old who prides himself on his principles and values. "They taught me how a man should behave, especially my grandfather, Bert Watler whom everyone knows as Mr Bert from Bodden Town."

Theon has also learned a lot from his mother. "My mother was my primary caretaker. She raised us three boys as a single mother; I don't know how she did it but I suppose she was not the only parent to do the same thing." 


"Mom taught us to work hard, keep your head down, get your education and get a good job. Do what you are supposed to do to make a living on this beautiful little island."

Theon would like to give back to his country and would like to seize the hardships and lessons of his life and those that he has seen others experience as a source of strength to support the community. 

"I'm a Christian and grew up in a Christian family. I believe that we should all love each other and we should all help one another. One of my pet peeves is people who have the power to make a change but do not. By making a change I am not talking about seeking donations, as that is just pacifying a need. I am all about solving the problem in itself," he explains.

Professionally, Theon has been in the Information Technology field for the past decade and a half, most recently as a Network Engineer. He is about to launch two companies: an IT company and a property management company. 

"I want to be able to offer the best service possible for the best cost," he says. "I've witnessed a lot of people start companies in this country and they offer terrible service. I am responding to that void," he says. 

Ultimately, Theon would like to find a way to make a big impact in Cayman, possibly via politics. 

"Over the years I have experienced a lot of hardships that in my mind were unnecessary. I believe that with every challenge you can take something and use it to help make someone else's life better. This is the value of being in politics."

Theon is exceptionally proud of the homeland where he has lived his entire life.

"I will always choose to live here over anywhere else," he says.

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