Sunday 9 August, 2020

Five Cayman Islands Charities Looking For Volunteers

It is incredibly important to give back to the community.

It is incredibly important to give back to the community.

When living on an island as idyllic and beautiful as the Cayman Islands, we sometimes forget that even paradise comes with its own set of issues. Luckily, we are able to help our community in organized ways by assisting charities whose sole purpose is to do so. Here are five charities that you can invest your time and energy into to better this place we call home.


The goal of the Alex Panton Foundation is to raise awareness for youth mental health issues in the Cayman Islands. One of the ways in which is done is via support groups and workshops for struggling young men and women. An application to volunteer in the areas of event management, fundraising, education or marketing and communications is available on the Alex Panton Foundation website. In addition to participatory activities, donations are wholeheartedly appreciated and needed to fund their multitude of programmes, treatments, workshops and support groups. The Alex Panton Foundation is building a generation of leaders; be a part of Cayman’s future and give them your support.


Meals on Wheels (MOW) gives free, hot nutritious meals to those in need, such as seniors, the homebound and the disabled. In addition to the provision of food, this organization provides social interaction to those who aren’t able to leave their homes often, or at all. Meals on Wheels has three kitchens across Cayman, and it is possible to volunteer at any one. Donations are also willingly accepted— a mere $5 can feed a senior for a day. MOW hosts several events throughout the year, with all of the proceeds going towards the organization. Feed those who can’t feed themselves.



The team at the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, goes beyond raising awareness for cancer; they take genuine interest in the patients themselves, in the form of financial aid, vouchers for medical expenses, psychological support and much more. So many people not just worldwide, but in our lives and communities have suffered from this illness. For those who are interested in investing in this cause, both monetary donations and volunteerism are welcomed. To volunteer, complete an application, and you may be assigned to either assist in the office, in the creation of the newsletter, or in community events. Kids are able to give to the cause by making cards for patients to brighten their day. At the Cayman Islands Cancer Society giving back can be a family effort.


It’s no secret that there is an abundance of animals in the Cayman Islands in need of a loving home. Down at the Cayman Islands Humane Society there are kennels upon kennels of dogs and cats waiting for their forever home and One Dog At A Time is always busy trying to assign dogs to foster care and forever homes. Both charities need your help. Besides the act of donating money, it is also possible to volunteer. At the Humane Society, the dogs need to stretch their legs every once in a while.Their volunteer program includes dog walking, cat wellness, administrative support, special events, fundraising, education, volunteer coordination, fostering, advocacy, and more. Both the Humane Society and One Dog at a Time have thrift stores, and the Humane Society also has a book store. Both organizations appreciate any and all donations, support and purchases. If you are willing to support the wellbeing of an orphaned animal, the greatest donation you can make to these charities is in fostering an animal. Dogs are man’s best friend; why not be there’s?

These charities are essential institutions in our community. Whether they support you directly or not, there is always going to be someone close to you who needs help. With a bit of time and effort, you can change someone’s life. Give back to your community.

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