Monday 20 May, 2019

Five fruits we can't wait to come in season

It's almost summer, the time of year that sees an abundance of fruits coming in season.

The Caribbean is a treasure trove when it comes to delicious fruits and when June arrives and school is out, the time is ripe (pun intended!) for kids to get their tree-climbing skills on in search of their favourite fruit. Apart from providing an incentive for recreation, fruits also provide nutritional benefits for the young and old.

Here are five fruits we're drooling over waiting to come in season in June:

Governor Plums

Round, red, juicy and delicious, Governor plum, known as Hog Plum in Barbados and JuJube in Jamaica, is said to be full of nutrients to help prevent arthritis, coughs, colds, diarrhoea and even snake bites.


Great as a beverage or an ice cream flavour, Sapodilla possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It is used it for anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties as well as the cold and cough.

Malay Apple

Called Cashew in many islands, Pommerac in Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname, and Otaheite Apple in Jamaica, this fruit is pear-shaped with red skin and a single large seed. Great for homemade wine or chow, Malay Apple contains a high water content and can reduce inflammation, improve the health of the skin, boost circulation, build stronger bones and strengthen and improve the quality of hair among other things.


Low in calories and high in fibre, Pawpaws are said to be good for arthritis, weight loss, contain 200 percent of your daily intake of Vitamin C, reduce stress and prevent signs of ageing, among numerous other benefits. Eat it raw or use it in a morning smoothie.


Nothing says decadent holidays like sucking on a ripe mango with juice running down your arms. Great as a beverage, ice cream, chow or food topping, mangoes are full of goodness. They are great for lowering cholesterol, improving eye health, boosting the immune system and alkalising the body.

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