Saturday 24 October, 2020

Exhibit explores 'role of women while men were away at sea'

Be transported back in time at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands [NGCI] latest exhibit, "Island of Women".

The exhibit explores the role of women while men were away at sea during the peak of Cayman’s maritime industry from 1800 to the mid-1900’s. It is free to visit and open from February 8 to May 28 2020.

Natalie Urquhart, Director of NGCI, shares, “Against the backdrop of our maritime industry, waiting months and sometimes years for the safe return of husbands, brothers and sons, women provided familial and social stability and helped ensure that the Islands continued to flourish."

Pieces in the exhibit are often inspired by real events as artists were encouraged to use oral histories, archived material, family stories, and historical artefacts as inspiration for their creations. Visitors to the gallery will enjoy a diverse array of art in many different mediums and photos from the Cayman Island’s National Archive.

The exhibit is supported by Butterfield, and features 26 local artists:

Marlena Anglin; Isy B; Dubadah Boldeau; John Broad; Randy Chollette; John Clarke; Maya Cochrane; Carmen Connolly; Patrice Donalds-Morgan; Al Ebanks; Annalee Ebanks; Rose May Ebanks; Meegan Ebanks; Kathryn Elphinstone; Horacio Esteban; Stewart Holmes; John Reno Jackson; Pam Kelly-Laurenson; Peggy Leshikar Denton; Charles Long; Sarah McDougall; Bridget McPartland; Tiffany Polloni; Lizzie Powell; Ren Seffer; Gordon Solomon; Josie Solomon; and Nasaria Suckoo Chollette

It is hoped that "Island of Women" will prompt dialogue on the adverse conditions woman faced from the1800 to mid-1900’s. According to Urquhart "their story is one of resilience, adaptive ingenuity, creativity and technical prowess, often in the most adverse conditions."  Exhibit visitors will be inspired as they reflect on Cayman’s history and the woman who helped shape the country into what it is today.

The exhibit is complemented by numerous special events including a film screening, gender equality workshop, artists talks, and more. The complete list of events is on the NGCI’s website:

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