Thursday 12 December, 2019

Gas throwing Prospect boyfriend to be sentenced Friday

A Prospect man who was to be sentenced on Tuesday afternoon after he plead guilty to causing fear and provocation of violence and damage to property among other charges is to learn his fate on Friday.

Magistrate Foldats heard a lengthy submission from crown and the defense on Tuesday afternoon, which resulted in Kerry Jones’ sentencing hearing being pushed to Friday morning.

The court heard that Kerry Rodary Jones on June 9, 2016 threw gas at his estranged partner and a male companion who were sitting in a vehicle on Birch Avenue in Prospect. 

According to the male companion, Jones approached him and the woman in a confrontational manner.   

Jones who was holding a soda bottle that contained a liquid, allegedly threw the liquid over his wife’s male companion and is said to have threatened that he was was going to set them on fire.

The male companion of Jones’ partner is said to have told him to go ahead and that he would call 911.

Jones is said to have fled as the police were called. 

It was later confirmed that the liquid was indeed gasoline. 

The court further heard of another 2016 incident , in which a woman who had been in a relationship with Jones said that she was beaten in the face by Jones.

The court heard that in September 2016, a girlfriend of Jones had been sitting in her vehicle making a call when Jones appeared an accused her of speaking to another man. 

Jones is said to have hit the woman in the face, twisted her arm, grabbed her by the shoulder and grabbed the strap of her bag breaking it. 

He managed to get the phone which the woman had managed to put into her bag, then smashed the device against a wall.

Jones accepted guilt on all charges and has agreed to pay for the damages to property. 

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