Thursday 21 June, 2018

George Town man beats rape rap after woman caught in lies

A rape charge against a 45-year-old George Town man was dismissed in court on Tuesday after Justice Charles Quin said that lies and inconsistencies marked the case.

Justice Charles Quinn in his summary on Tuesday stated he found the victim’s lies and inconsistencies in the Gary Hurlston rape and kidnapping trial to be too great for her to be  a credible witness.

Quinn further noted that the evidence submitted was too weak to substantiate the victim’s allegations.

The victim who shares a child  and had a previous relationship with Hurlston  had initially told police that the April 3, 2017 incident occurred in Hurlston's car outside her home in George Town.

According to the victim, Hurlston arrived at her home drunk and demanding to see the baby. 

However, the victim later changed her story saying that the incident had actually taken place at a friend’s house.

The victim admitted that she lied initially because she was on a probation order and was worried that she would be in trouble for breaking her curfew, if she admitted she had been out at a bar until the wee hours of the morning.

In the victim’s second statement, she admitted that the incident had taken place at a friend’s yard after Hurlston had met up with her at a bar and was supposed to be taking her to get the baby from the baby sitter. 

Instead of going to the babysitter, the victim told the court when she took the stand in August that Hurlston dropped off another person who had been in the car and diverted to  a friend’s yard.

While at the friend’s yard, the victim told the court that Hurlston dragged her out of the car by her hair, beat her, then sexually assaulted her.

The victim further alleged that Hurlston called her abusive names and had beat her in the face and head. 

According to the victim the attack lasted around an hour before Hurlston took her to the baby sitter, where they collected the baby then went to the victim's home.

However, when Hurlston was interviewed by police and he denied all claims saying he regularly had sexual intercourse with the victim.

Hurlston did admit that he had sex with the victim on April 3, 2017, the day of the alleged incident; however he revealed that they had engaging in sex earlier in the day and not at the time when the victim said the incident happened.  

Hurlston further admitted to “roughing up” the victim, as Hurlston said that the woman had stolen his wallet on the nightstand.

The babysitter who also took to the stand, said she had noticed injuries on the woman. 

On Monday Hurlston's defense Crister Brady entered a no case submission questioning the validity of the victim’ s testimony.

Hurlston had elected a Judge only trial. 

Hurlston in 2012 beat a charge of  attempted murder.