Tuesday 7 April, 2020

Grow a sense of humor and spend Christmas in Hell

There are a number of places in the world that have the dubious and demonic distinction of having Hell as its official nameHell, Grand Cayman is one of them. 

Cayman is known for its warm tropical climate, pristine beaches and scuba diving—attractions that you wouldn’t normally associate with the dwelling place of Lucifer. Yet, if you were to visit Cayman during the festive season, the sacrilegious traveller in you could end up snapping selfies and sending post cards “from Hell, Cayman.” 

Located in the district of West Bay, Hell is essentially a small area of stumpy, jagged black limestone formations. There is a gift shop conveniently located in Hell for all of your Hellish merchandise, including postcards and a post office so that you can inform anyone who ever told you to “go to hell” that you actually did. 

Visits to Hell come with mixed reviews. They range from intellectual commentary from aspiring geologists, curious about the origins of the rock formations, to persons complaining that there is “nothing to see here” or the cruise ship traveller who is simply excited to visit Hell on one their many port stops. 

A visit to Hell might just be one of the more fun and out-of-the-box things you can do in Cayman during this holiday season. Here are 7 ideas for your visit:

Send A Post Card (…and scare the mail man)

Hell has its own Post Office.  Send your mom a post card “From Hell”— it will surely rank as one of the more unique pieces of mail she will receive. 

Take A Picture… with the devil

Sure, there are lots of devils to take pictures with at carnivals and theme parks but how many times will you get to take one in Hell?

Play A Prank (on adults and children)

Misbehaving children can potentially put a damper on a vacation in Cayman.  We can’t think of a better way to keep them in check than the promise of a little trip to Hell!

Get Engaged

Ok, so maybe it’s not for everyone… but that does not take away the fact that popping the big question in Hell wouldn’t be just as memorable as doing it on top of the Eiffel tower. 

Eat A Meal

So it won’t be your last meal ever… But it would still be cool to say you had your last chicken sandwich for 2019 in Hell!

Call Your Church Friends

“Hello Sally? Just wanted to let you know that I won’t be at church this Sunday because I’m spending the day in Hell!” Enough said. 

Buy Merchandise

The gift shop in hell has all sorts of souvenirs and goodies that will be great conversation starters for many years to come! Grab some!

May your holiday season be filled with cheer, fun, laughter and high spirits…just not the spirits that live in Hell… Cayman.

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