Wednesday 12 August, 2020

H2Pro: The Marula Oil-based hair product you need now

CEO of Blow by Blow Leiane Evans has the secret to lightweight nourished hair. (Photos: Shawn Barnes, Contributed)

CEO of Blow by Blow Leiane Evans has the secret to lightweight nourished hair. (Photos: Shawn Barnes, Contributed)

The response has been overwhelming, several local aestheticians and mane manipulators have been swept away by the wonders of H2Pro’s Marula Oil-based hair care products.

But, what is Marula Oil? And, what makes it so popular?

Blow by Blow CEO Leiane Evans gave Loop Lifestyle a Marula crash course recently, and we’re just as intrigued.

“Marula Oil is made from the Marula fruit – a light-yellow fruit indigenous to Africa that is rich in vitamin C up to ten times more than an orange,” she said.

Looks familiar? Marula is from the Passion Fruit/Rose Apple family, both of which are grown here in Jamaica.

Marula is also rich in minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper, which makes it a great replacement for your average hair care system.

Many customers love the smell and attractive ingredients.

H2Pro Professional’s key ingredients include quartz oil, which  strengthens and promotes healthy hair growth; black sesame seed for retaining hair colour; and black cumin for a healthy scalp, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Other ingredients are rosemary, strawberries, chamomile, witch hazel, clary sage, bergamot, shea butter, and sunflower and macadamia seed oils.

“The thing I love most about H2Pro is that it does what it says it’s gonna do,” Evans mentioned.

LL: Where can readers find H2Pro?

LE: At Blow by Blow. We’ve recently expanded the product line, we’re selling the tools that enhance the user experience, and we carry the entire line of H2Pro products. We also supply other salons.

LL: What’s your favourite feature of H2Pro?

LE: It’s not a product for girls with curly hair or girls with straight hair, it’s really for everyone. It retains moisture so that hair doesn’t get dry or brittle.

It’s a healing line that works on repairing the hair and leave the wearer with weightless volume.

Evans has been a hairstylist “officially since 2007”, but has been doing hair from as far back as she can remember.

After starting hair care in Jamaica, I found that US manufactured products don’t transition as well to Jamaica.

Loop Lifestyle (LL): How do you think Jamaicans will receive H2Pro?

Leiane Evans (LE): Persons were a little skeptical but they love it to the point where people who’d normally buy the small sizes are now purchasing the larger sizes.

LL: How has business been impacted since the pandemic?

LE: Things took a dip for a while, but things are definitely picking up. I had a few staff members on a shift system and have since changed that to return to regular operating hours.

The complete H2Pro system comprises the Healing Shampoo, Healing Conditioner, Clarifying Shampoo, Healing Co-Wash, Healing Leave-In, Healing Detangler, Thermal Protectant, Healing Blow-Out, Healing Butter Shine, and Marula Oil Serum & Spray.

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