Friday 4 December, 2020

Haitian makeup prodigy transforms herself into Wyclef Jean

Kim Théodore and Kim Théodore as Wyclef Jean / Video credit: Kim Théodore

Kim Théodore and Kim Théodore as Wyclef Jean / Video credit: Kim Théodore

A very special birthday gift for Wyclef Jean, whose 51st birthday took place on October 17th.

Kim Théodore, a very skilled female makeup artist, amazed her nearly 60,000 Facebook followers Saturday, by posting a short video in which she artistically transforms herself into her fellow-Haitian international singer Wyclef Jean.

With her brushstrokes, she aimed to realize on her own face, the image of the ex-Fugees's member as a gift for his 51st birthday celebration. All we can say is the result of her work is captivating. And she is "flattered" to offer this to the one she calls a "hero".


"I am very flattered and delighted at the same time to transform myself into you, she posted on Facebook. I hope this means something to you and I want to let you know at the same time how much we (Haitians) appreciate you".

“Hope this is one of the most important gifts on your birthday. Happy birthday to you hero Wyclef,” she added.

As he discovered the artwork, Jean reposted it on his Instagram account with the caption: "Thank you for my Birthday Makeover. WOW!!!"

Artist Kim Théodore is not a beginner. The young woman has already carried out other work available on her Instagram account, where she has 17k followers for now. Her works have already been picked up by internationally recognized platforms such as The Shaderoom.

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