Thursday 16 July, 2020

Here's how employed work permit holders can get back into Cayman

Requests for permission for work permit holders and non-Caymanians to travel to the Cayman Islands are considered and decided on by the Deputy Premier’s Office.

With the passage of the Immigration Transition Law Amendments in April, new work permit applications, and work permit renewals are subject to advertisements on the JobsCayman website. 

This will help to ensure Caymanians registered with WORC are aware of jobs that are available and Caymanian job seekers have an opportunity to apply and have the first preference for jobs. This will also better assist the decision-makers to be aware that Caymanians applied for jobs.

The process for work permit holders seeking to return during the period of border closure is as follows:

Persons must register their intent to travel to the Cayman Islands by contacting Emergency travel desk via web:, email: or phone: +1 (345) 244-3333.

Approvals are subject to a number of considerations:

1.    Confirmation that the employee works for a company that has resumed business and that the physical presence of the employee is essential and required;

2.    Checks will need to be done to ensure that the employee’s permit is active, has sufficient time left on their work permit, and that the employer is in good standing with business licenses, relevant health ins. premiums etc;

3.    Confirmation that there is adequate capacity at the Government-run isolation facilities to house the employee on arrival.

4.    The availability of flights.

5.    If the employee is deemed eligible to return, the employer must confirm that they will be responsible for the cost of the isolation stay and will pay it upfront, that they will also be responsible for the cost of additional isolation if their employee tests positive at the end of the 14 days.

6.    Confirmation that the employee also has secured private accommodation and the ability to pay for that accommodation after isolation is necessary to avoid reliance on the Government. 

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