Tuesday 26 May, 2020

IBSM: Mara's daughter is super excited, ready to help mum fully

Mara Rose and Danielle. (Source: Photo provided by interviewee)

Mara Rose and Danielle. (Source: Photo provided by interviewee)

Shemara Morris, stage name Mara Rose, is through the Finals of the 2019 International Bashment Soca Monarch (IBSM) in Barbados on her first try - and she has a secret weapon that none of the other competitors has in their pockets.

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Mara's support circle is strong, but the proudest link in her chain is her nine-year-old daughter Danielle.

Having received the great news yesterday that she is now a finalist vying for the 2019 Bashment Soca crown, Mara told Loop News:

"Well, to be honest, I'm scared - first time ever singing, first-ever competition so the nerves definitely acting up."

The 12 finalists were selected after five days of voting by the public, and a thankful Mara beamed: "To those who voted; many, many thanks, I am forever grateful for all the efforts that went into voting." 

Asked how her daughter is taking the news, with a big smile, she shared: "She's happy and continuously asking if she could come to see me perform."

Mara confessed she's looking into it to see if Dani can be present on the night of the show, even if just for her performance. 

But how else will Dani get to help her mother with this newest stage in her life? Mara confessed Dani has it all thought out already. "If she can come then yep she'll definitely be there. If not, I'll try to get it specially recorded for her. Either way, she said she'll draw some of the dance moves for me." Mara explained while laughing.

Those who know Mara Rose know Stiffy Star Quality and his track 'Mavis'. Asked how she feels noting that he did not get through to the Finals as well, she said: "I am his biggest fan... Honestly, I feel a way about him not being in cause I feed off his vibes and energy. So now I'll definitely try my hardest rep cause we forever plug in."

She added that Stiffy is "my friend, mentor, cheerleader."

So what can patrons and competitors expect come July 6? Showing her signature smile which is always plastered on her face while in any soca fete, she said: "Finals night expect to see a big smile on Mara face and just know that she's happy to have made it so far. I just want to be able to enjoy the experience."

The International Bashment Soca Monarch (IBSM) was added to the Crop Over calendar in Barbados in 2018.

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