Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Iconz has announced it will be jumping in Batabano

Image source: iconz.ky

Image source: iconz.ky

ICONZ has announced it will be participating in Batabano Carnival.

The event will be taking place on Saturday 9 May, 2020 and CayMas Carnival road parade will take place on Discovery Day public holiday, Monday 18 May.

ICONZ has participated in CayMas since 2017, mainly due to the carnival taking place over a long weekend.

However, with recent speculation CayMas Carnival road parade would take place on a Monday, ICONZ made the decision to move to the Batabano weekend to ensure patrons enjoy an entire weekend of carnival related events.

“This decision was not made lightly, but we made it for the benefit of our loyal ICONZ revelers,” said Brydie Phillips, Marketing Manager at Hurley’s Media.

“Having the road parade on Monday will have a huge impact on attendee numbers and their experience for this year’s carnival,” said Ms Phillips.

Meetings with government officials and the CayMas Board have been ongoing since it was announced in 2019 the two carnivals, CayMas and Batabano, would merge into one.

Additionally, the proposed dates for CayMas Carnival conflict with a major event Hurley’s Media organizes, the Cayman Billfish Rundown, an international fishing tournament commencing Monday 18 May.

“We have been working to ensure CayMas road parade remains on the Saturday of the Discovery Day long weekend and we are incredibly disappointed with the decision that the road parade for CayMas would move to a Monday and that Government officials were not able to see the value in holding it on the Saturday,” said Ms Phillips.

Organizers of ICONZ are relieved to finally have a decision on the date, even though it wasn’t the result they were hoping for, they can now address fans speculation about when the road parade will take place. 

“Our ICONZ following is strong and we are confident our revelers will be joining us on the road this coming May,” said Ms Phillips.

“ICONZ will continue to offer the same premium experience including, quality costumes, seamless distribution, internationally renowned DJs, premium drink specials on the road including our exclusive margarita truck, and our epic Cool Down Boat Party which will now take place Sunday 10 May.”

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