Tuesday 17 July, 2018

Gov't Inquiry launched into Red Bay gas station Sunday liquor license

On the heels of a contentious news report that a gas station in Red Bay was granted a licence to sell liquor on Sundays, the Deputy Governor and the Minister for Commerce, Planning and Investment on Wednesday announced that there would be an inquiry into the matter.

In a joint statement on Wednesday, Franz Manderson and Joey Hew said that the Internal Audit unit would conduct an independent inquiry into a matter relating to the Liquor Licensing Board decision.

Manderson further said that a female employee, who was mentioned in a newspaper editorial in connection with the licensing decision, had nothing to do with the matter in question.

The woman in question has since been moved to another department. 

“In fact, the officer was moved to accommodate her prior request to be reassigned,” said Manderson said.

In announcing the independent inquiry, Minister Hew explained that as the incoming Minister he has not been privy to the history of the application in question.

Hew noted that in light of the concerns expressed, and the seriousness of matter, he has decided to request an independent investigation by the Internal Audit unit .

The Deputy Governor confirmed that he supports the Ministry in its call for an investigation.

The contentious issue of Sunday sales of alcohol hails from British traditions which had once restricted Sunday trading.

The restrictive laws are colloquially called "Blue laws" and are laws designed to restrict Sunday activities for religious reasons, particularly to promote the observance of a day of worship or rest.

However, the Sunday Trading Act 1994 granted establishments in England and Wales the ability to trade (sell) on a Sunday.