Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Jamaican busted with drugs in Prospect blames act on 'poor upbringing'

A Jamaican national was on Monday sentenced to 38 months in jail after, he was caught with 113 pounds of ganja during a police raid in May 2017 at a property in Prospect.

Christopher Baker plead guilty to all three charges against him, which included Illegal landing, possession of ganja, importation of ganja; with his lawyer arguing that he acted out of ‘desperation’.

Baker’s attorney, Dennis Brady, told the court that his client acted out of desperation and need, due to his financial circumstances.

The defense attorney further told the court that Baker did not have a good upbringing or any education.

As a result the attorney said, Baker does not have the capacity for strategic thinking and instead just focuses on getting by day to day.

However, Brady noted that Baker had cooperated with probation services and has admitted to a previous custodial convictions in Jamaica.

Magistrate Foldats in handing down the sentence noted that Baker was caught red handed with a significant amount of ganja and that by staying in the country it showed his intent to be involved in the next stage of the drug operations which was to ‘ supply’.  

Foldats noted that he didn’t particularly buy the argument that Baker acted out of “financial necessity” with Foldats noting that there are many foreign nationals who happily do menial work in order to send money  back to their families.

Magistrate Foldats in sentencing Baker, looked to other recent similar cases, along with Cayman sentencing guidelines, and concluded that the minimum starting point should be 3-4 years. 

There was a deduction of 20% for the guilty plea which resulted in a custodial sentence of 38 months. 

Baker and another male were found in a property on Marina Drive, Prospect on May 22, 2017 with 113lbs of ganja  on the premises. 

Some of the ganja was found in the living room and some in the bedroom;  the ganja was laid out in such a way that it was presumed to be  drying. 

The other male struggled with officers and managed to escape. Baker, who was said to arrived by boat with the ganja on May 18 2017,  did not resist arrest.​

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