Saturday 15 December, 2018

Dexta Daps heads to Cayman after delivering at Reggae Sumfest

Dexta Daps performs at Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night while actress Lady Ice looks on. (Photos: Marlon Reid)

Dexta Daps performs at Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night while actress Lady Ice looks on. (Photos: Marlon Reid)

Dancehall star Dexta Daps is set to head to Grand Cayman on Friday, after he conquered an appreciative Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night crowd at Catherine Hall early Saturday morning, having the ladies screaming and shouting their approval of his set.

Dressed in a red suit adorned with black buttons and the outfit completed by black shirt and shoes, he crooned his way into the ladies' hearts for 26 minutes and they sapped up every every moment of it.

After being introduced by Big A, Dexta entered the stage to Shabba Madda Pot at 1:51 am and when he left bare chested at 2:17 am, he had worked up a good sweat, declining an invitation from Big A for an encore after doing the ladies' favourite, Owner.

After his entry song, he asked the crowd, "who seh dem a shotta and a watch dem woman" and after the expected response, he launched into Seven Eleven, which worked up the ladies.

Another favourite from his set was Morning Love, which he had to start over, after the response from the crowd.

In his final song, Owner, he brought on Lady Ice, the actress from his very seductive video, and they performed an enticing dance, before he left the stage.

In an interview with Loop News reporter Job Nelson, he said, "the strong part (of my performance) was the ladies. From you sing for the ladies the whole show just work out as the men will just follow because a suh it work. A suh God set it.

"Everything turn out as we had expected it. I came out and did my best and the people appreciate it and I appreciate them showing me that love.

"I would say that it was one of the strongest responses to one of my performances. It was one of the great ones...Jah know the fans showed me some real love tonight as I saw cameras flashing all over, although some of them cannot see me, because of how far they are but they still a shine dem camera," Dexta Daps said.

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